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Making money is hard enough without needing to build a big team just to cover your costs. So here you can find programs that get you into profits with 4 people or less, and you will be able to earn money passively. And with less work for you, you will have more free time. (see the first blog to read all about it)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Create a Firestorm of Traffic

Do you want to create a Firestorm of traffic to your website or Network Marketing company?

What if you could encourage people to give your website links to others?

I just finished a brand new brandable viral ebook package that will help you with both of those...

You can purchase the branding rights to "Bluebook 4 Network Marketers" which discusses the advantages of a Network Marketing company and allows you to add your link. And you also get "Bluebook 4 Multiple Incomes" which lets you add multiple companies and help your team promote several businesses with one ebook at

It costs $67 for branding rights. Once you buy branding rights you can add your links including your links to your favorite MLM. Plus the ebook comes with some other links (like programs & ebooks through Clickbank) to help you make some money for advertising.

After getting branding rights you can give the Bluebook away to create Viral Marketing, by telling everyone to share your ebook with others. You also can sell your branded version of the ebook online for just $19.95. You can tell other people to sell your ebooks for $19.95 which really spreads your link around.

Want to make some money right NOW?
Can't afford to buy branding rights now?

Remember this is the 4 Profit-Plan website. Everything recommended here is profitable by the fourth person.

You can sign up for the newsletter for free at ==>
When you do you can download FOR FREE the "Bluebook 4 Network Marketing" and "Bluebook 4 Multiple Incomes" that are already branded with my links and you have permission to sell those for $19.95 each. (These ebooks come with my links inside, and can not be changed).

At $19.95, if you sell 4 ebooks that is $79.80. So you can then buy branding rights and have $12 in your pocket. Or just keep the $79.80 for yourself!

I am also looking for affiliates to promote the branding rights to these ebooks... You can earn 40% with 10% from affiliates

At 40% you will be in profit by your third sale, because you will make $80.40, after buying branding rights you make 13.40. Then you can start selling your branded versions of the ebooks for $19.95. Plus you have people who bought branding rights from your link, so any branding right sales they make will pay you 10%.

These are great ways to add to your monthly income.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sept Firesale Make Money Quick

I am running a September only Firesale called Double M Firesale. The package offers Membership and monthly packages. You can use these to set up a recurring monthly income, or sell the programs.

You DO NOT have to make 4 sales to make money as an affiliate of mine. Even if you decide to buy the Double M Firesale package, you make profit with your third sale. Here is the affiliate link ==>

You get paid 50% and 5% from sub-affiliates.

Between Sept 2nd - 8th you make $147.50 (-paydotcom fees)
Sept 9 - 15 $197.50
Sept 16 - 22 $247.50
Sept 23 - 30 $297.50

But as soon as 250 of the programs are sold, the sale is going to end, so let people know right away! The sale page is www.4profit-plan.net/firesale.html

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Affiliate Programs can Make You Money

The affiliate programs listed here are the fastest, most advanced and feature-packed programs available on the Internet today.

They have helped tens of thousands of smart Internet marketers boost their sales, conversion rates and profits, working around the clock and significantly cutting down their workload.

Most affiliate programs fail to be profitable for their affiliates, because:
  • The products do not have enough market demand
  • The commissions are too low for the opportunity to be profitable

No wonder many people are still cashing measly $7.28 affiliate checks, when they should be earning thousands of dollars.

Here are what these programs offer you:
  • 40 to 60% payout on direct sales
  • Commissions are easily earned passively!
  • Excellent marketing materials
  • Real-time statistics and reporting
  • Premium support

You could receive fat checks every month, simply by telling others about these products, software, tools and services!

Your earnings potential is unlimited with this program. What is great about it is that the commissions are ongoing. This means if you just place banners at your site, or do simple emails.

Watch ongoing commissions increase every month without extra work, and build a nice residual income stream! All of these programs have state-of-the-art tracking system created with your commissions in mind. After you sign up, you will be assigned a special Affiliate ID, which you can use to promote any one or all of our products, software, tools and/or services:

Once your visitors come to a site via your link, your Affiliate ID will be saved on their computer as a cookie. This means that if they come back and buy many months from then, you will still receive your commission .

Now here is a list of these HOT Affiliate programs and all of these are FREE to join…

Nitro Marketing has dozens of great products sign up today!

Low Stress Income is a brand new company but they are building quickly! She offers 60% commission on some of her products. http://affiliatelsi.info-junkie.net

Implix offers services that everyone needs including AutoResponders, Ad Trackers, and Web Design program. You can save money on those great products and make money! http://affiliateimplix.info-junkie.net
Net Marketing Center has many products, and lots of ads ready to run. http://affiliates.info-junkie.net/

Internet Marketing Center has loads of hot products designed by the late great Corey Rudl http://affiliateimc.info-junkie.net

Cognigen is actually a telecommunication business, but you can save on many of the services you use, like phone, Internet, cell, satellite and more. Offer these services to others and make money. http://www.info-junkie.net

Once you sign up with these different affiliate companies, start posting ads on forums, email lists and more and you can have money rolling in!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stop trading hours for pay!

Stop Making Other People Rich!

I spent much of the past several years trying to find a way to make money working from home so I could spend time with my family. And you probably want to spend more time with your family, or more time doing things other than trading hours for pay.

So I did some research and found a easy way to make $500 a day.

Now you can read Step Secrets 2 Success to learn how you can start using this PROVEN AUTOMATIC SALES MACHINE today!

You will be a step ahead of the game. You can learn about how you can make sales without having to talk to someone, you find out how to get the most out of the program. You can even learn uncommon ways to build your business.

DO NOT hesitate any longer.

You want to know how people are working from home, spending time with their families and going on vacations. This is how and you can now download the ebook for free just by visiting

==> http://www.4profit-plan.net/500profits.html.

Normally this ebook would cost $29.95. Right now you can download the Secrets 2 Success plan for FREE! Yes, I am giving it away!

Your only cost will be the time it takes you to download and read this plan. Then you can learn more about this hot automatic sales machine that so many others are using to build wealth.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A traffic exchange that makes money?

I am a member of OPFM, which is short for Our Power Forced Matrix. They were joining a number of systems trying to help their members make money. However that plan wasn't working out so well.

So they decided to give people something they both want and need... Traffic! Thus they created the Trafficane Exchange™ one of the most affordable traffic exchanges on the Internet.
==> http://www.trafficaneexchange.com/?UID=24466

They now provide one of the lowest cost per click (CPC) and with OPFM being as popular as it is, the Trafficane Exchange will quickly become one of the most browsed on the Internet. Meaning your website will become a very popular and visited website just by joining.

The price is low, just $7 a month, with just 2 people, your monthly fee is paid. OPFM shows that you can make $11,000 a month, if you get 2 people and teach them to get 2 people.

While that might seem unrealistic, when you get 2 people to join, you also will get spillover from people above you. Your 2 people "pay" your monthly fee, while you earn commissions from people who spilled over into your team. You also earn commissions from anyone those people bring in who are below you. So it doesn't matter how they wind up in your downline, as long as you get there before others!

This is from their calculator:
"The commission estimate is an estimate of what your "take home" commission would be based on the number of teammates in your downline. Your estimated downline should be an estimate of all downline teammates including teammates you have sponsored and teammates that others have sponsored. "
Now calculate your commission with their calculator and you will see why you should get involved:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Make $500 every day!

The other day I got this email, and I couldn't help but think about it:

* Would you like to have a marketing system where we do all the presenting for you?
* All the selling for you?
* And all of the closing for you?

And the we send you a GIANT commission when someone Purchases our high in-demand “Ultimate Marketers Toolbox” product?

In fact on every sale we make for you, we will pay you a massive $500! Yes, that's right, 500 big ones!

And you know what’s amazing about this cutting edge Marketing System? You make those $500 commissions and never ever talk with a prospect. Many of our associates have this happening daily, even multiple times per day…

We have people earnings thousands DAILY all they do is send others to their website. WE DO EVERYTHING ELSE. All the presenting, all the selling and YOU get paid INSTANTLY! No waiting for a check to arrive in the post.
Get on our LIVE seminar now. Positions are limited so please hurry. Go to

Now being the curious person I am I had to check this system out! It turns out it is the 1 Step System, before you run off and say "oh brother" I did the research. This is a legit company and with 4 people you will make $500 profit.

Even better you have 2 trainees on your team. These trainees must make 2 sales before they can start earning money. So this 1Step System earns money quickly as you can see here:

Imagine you get 2 trainees your first month. (month 1 - 2 trainees + $ 500 profit)
They get their 2 (4 to you) the next month. (month 2 - 4 trainees + $ 2,500 profit)
Your 4 each get 2 the next month (month 3 - 8 trainees + $ 6,500 profit)
Your 8 trainees get their 2 the next month (month 4 -16 trainees + $14,500 profit) Your 16 trainees get their 2 (month 5 - 32 trainees + $30,500 profit)

Holy guacamole!! You could really be earning some money quickly!!!

Visit http://www.13183.1stepsystem.com and get started today!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

You can make money sending cards

YES!! Send real cards and you can make real money!

In this day and age we all need to show more appreciation toward the people we know and care about, & they need to know they are important.

If you have bought a greeting card at the store recently you probably paid $3, if you are like me, you got home, and put it in the drawer to send later. Later is actually 2 plus months after you wanted to send it. Then you have to find your address book and stamps, just to find you are out of stamps.

If you use the
Send Out Cards system you can send a greeting card with the speed and ease of sending an eCard, except your friend, family member, client or customer gets a REAL CARD.

You can even include a picture, and SOC will print the card, stuff it in an envelope, stamp it and send it for less than $2. You can send cards when you are on vacation! So you can send more cards with greater ease.

The program will also remind of you special occasions occurring in the next 7 days, so you won’t forget them. And you won't get in trouble for forgetting "AGAIN!"

What is the business side of Send Out Cards? Now you have a reason, and an excuse to send cards to members and potential members of your downline. They need to feel appreciated! It is a proven fact that people crave being valued and appreciated, and will do almost anything for it.

So send cards to your downline! It gives them motivation to keep building, which means you keep building. You can even send yourself a card to motivate you!

But the interesting thing is that if you send out more cards and send them more often, you will find you feel more appreciative of your family, friends and your downline, and not just because they help you make money.

If you sign up as a customer, you won’t get any commissions. Your points will cost $0.49 each. It takes 2 points to send a card, 1 point for a postcard or to add a picture. But it is the cheaper way to join, and every distributor needs at least 2 customers.

While getting the distributor package is more expensive, your points will only cost you $0.31 each. You make $0.18 for every point your customer buys. You can also sell an annual card for $25, which gives your customer 20 points and 10 stamps, which will cost you $10.10. So you make almost $15. Or let fundraisers sell the cards, which will cost them $15 each, so you make almost $5.

Your package includes your license fee, a seminar, 200 points ($62 value), a handwriting font with 4 signatures ($49 value), and DVD Program. And again additional points are $0.31
cents each.

You get paid $100 for everyone you coach as a distributor. So with four people you will get $400, which gives you $100 profit.

Add 2 customers and you move you up one rank. You also get at least $15 every time any one anywhere in your downline coaches someone. This amount goes up $5 as your rank moves up, until you reach Eagle and your coaching bonus becomes $50. Your leadership bonus goes up 5% each rank from 5% to 30% as an Eagle.

Because you get this when anyone in your downline coaches someone. Which means you will be earning this bonus even when you did not add anyone personally!

You can join today at http://joincards.mylemonadeshop.com or check out the site at http://soc.mylemonadeshop.com

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